Receive a deeply discounted Family Share of Certified Naturally Grown, 100% chemical-free homegrown produce, for 25 weeks from June - November, in exchange for approximately 3 hours of hands-on farm work each week for 34 weeks, for a total of 100 hours for the year. Any remaining unworked hours at the end of the season may be paid off at a rate of $8.50/hour.


Includes a Family Share at Asbury Village Farm's CSA. Certified Naturally Grown, 100% homegrown produce, for 25 weeks from June - November. Includes access to the Pick-Your-Own garden.  A Family share is estimated to be a good amount of produce for a family of 4-6, or a person or a couple who eat a lot of vegetables or who like to preserve excess produce for winter.


*Tuesdays mornings are required for work from April through the end of May;  work day options  available from June - November are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday mornings.

Extreme Family Work Share