We are a homeschooling farm family who have been growing vegetables since 2008.  After a three-year farmer apprenticeship we moved to Asbury Village Farm in 2011 and became owners and operators of the business. We are committed to using sustainable farming practices that exclude GMOs because we want the most nutritious, healthiest produce for our family and yours!  We also feel that this earth is a precious resource that needs to be cared for and respected, and we seek to do so.  Our growing methods include cover crops, crop rotation, composting, floating row covers, mowing for weed control, and good old-fashioned hard work in the field.  We use primarily seeds from non-GMO sources, and we use Organic when possible.  We are a Certified Naturally Grown farm.

The farmers: Robyn, Steve, and their children, Sofie, Jake and Silas (above, left to right)

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