Family Share

A Family share is estimated to be plenty of produce for a family of 4-6 who eats a moderate amount of vegetables, or an individual or couple who eats a lot of veggies, or who preserve excess for winter.

Single Share

A Single share is estimated to be plenty of produce for a couple or individual who eats a moderate amount of veggies, or a family who eats a small amount of veggies. It is half the amount of a Family share.

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CSA Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

Shares for 2019 are $920 for Family Shares, $550 for Single Shares. For Work Share prices and details please read the Work Share Info page.
Payment may be broken up into installments, with at least one payment due the first week of distribution (June 1). A minimum of $250 is required for a down payment if you opt for installments. We do not send invoices; members are responsible for their own payment. Currently we accept checks and cash with a commitment form. Checks can be mailed, while we request that cash be brought to the farm and paid in person.

How does the price compare?

We calculated a Family Share from 2014, which was our all around best-yielding CSA season to date. This information includes all distributed items plus pick-your-own items, to provide a total of 681.5 pounds of produce for the year, which averaged approximately 27 pounds per week. Which means that 2014 Family Share members received local, Certified Naturally Grown, as-fresh-as-you-can-get-it produce and flowers for an average of $1.26 per pound. If you bought the same quantities of organic produce at retail value in local supermarkets or farmers markets, you would pay $2,363.84! The difference comes to a 64.5% savings. (Thanks to our long-time CSA member Wendy Yurgosky for the price research. Email us if you would like to see the Excel document she made, which gives a complete price comparison).

What's in a Share?

The quantities of veggies in the share change from week to week, and from year to year, just as the weather and growing conditions change. Basically, in the first few weeks, we mainly give greens: lettuce, kale, spinach, mesclun, and also fava beans, turnips, radishes, scallions, peas, etc. Summer brings a bounty of summer squash, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, corn, eggplant, greens, onions, beans, melons, and more. In the fall we get into the winter squashes, root vegetables, more leafy greens and cabbage, broccoli, etc.
Click here to see what of what we gave out for last season, to give you a general idea of what we try to provide. What we will actually distribute for this coming year may differ, depending on many variables inherent with natural farming techniques. This is meant to be a guide, not a guarantee.

How does it work?

Our CSA provides members with 25 weekly distributions of freshly harvested produce, beginning the first week of June and ending around Thanksgiving. The share includes a wide variety of vegetables, with some fruits, plus access to our pick-your-own garden for flowers, herbs, and cherry tomatoes, all of which is grown on-site at Asbury Village Farm.
CSA members come to the farm on their chosen pick-up day (Tuesday PM/Wednesday AM, or Friday PM/Saturday AM), sign in, and bag up their share from the bins of veggies in our distribution center. Some weeks, there is a free recipe sheet provided, with tips on how to store and cook that week's share. After bagging their share, members take a short walk around the barn into the field to gather their pick-your-own items, when in season.


In 2017, our CSA Family share members received a grand total of 558 lbs. of produce! The total retail market value of this was $1,771.28 - an avg. of $3.17/lb. A Family share at Asbury Village Farm costs $840, which meant an avg. of $1.50/lb. for our members!


That is over 50% SAVINGS!

(And you can save even more with a work share!)